Are you looking for a way to improve your health? Then, you are not alone. Thousands of people want to change their bodies by transforming their lives. But, where do you start? Some use juice cleanses to jumpstart the health process in their bodies.

There are just as many ways to get healthy as there are fitness products on the market. One of t

he biggest trends is detoxing. This is the process of removing harmful toxins from the body. Toxins are normally eliminated from the body by the liver and the kidneys but an overabundance of toxins can be stored in the fat and other tissues hampering weight loss efforts as well as causing changes in the body such as lowered immunity and fatigue.

Juicing has been around for a long time, but the trend is resurging now. There are a number of reasons for it: weight loss, boost immunity, help jumpstart a change in diet and more. If you are thinking about juicing know the facts.

What Juicing Does
Everyone is not in agreement with juicing and its health benefits. For those who have adopted juicing, here are some of the basic tenets. First, juicing involved drinking cold-pressed juices of fruits and vegetables for anywhere from 3 to 21 days. Theoretically, this process is more convenient than eating all those fruits and vegetables to get your daily dose of recommended vitamins and minerals. When you juice, it retains the enzymes, minerals and vitamins your body needs.

Juicing gives the digestive system time to relax and repair itself. The body looks at the same food in different forms in different ways. Eating an apple, for instance, engages the digestive system more to break down the skin and flesh of the fruit. When it is juiced, you are just dealing with liquid and the system doesn’t have to work as hard at processing.

According to those who juice, it is a great way to give the body a fast from regular food. If you have been eating a not so healthy diet, taking the time to ingest only juices for a number of days can jumpstart the body and break some unhealthy eating habits. It boosts the immune system and energy levels while still providing nutrients that are much needed.

Where Juices come from
You can juice your own fruit and vegetables at home but there are companies that will do it for you, for a price of course. These juices are made from organic raw foods and processed without heat to retain as many nutrients as possible. Each comes with a different juicing plan.

According to nutritionists, a three-day juice fast can help when you are starting a new healthier lifestyle program. Juicing for long periods of time with no other food can send the body in starvation mode and become counterproductive.

If you decide to juice, know all the facts on both sides first.

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