There are differences in how to care for your indoor houseplants as compared to your outdoor plants. Sometimes Mother Nature has a hand in tending to her outdoor plant life; however, you are solely responsible for the care of your indoor houseplants.

Keeping your houseplants healthy naturally is a great way to tend to those indoor plants. It is not necessary to go out and buy all sorts of expensive materials. In addition, it is not good to use chemicals on your indoor houseplants when keeping your houseplants healthy naturally is always an option.


Keeping your soil well fertilized is easy the natural way. Try using compost to give your soil a dark, moist, healthy sheen to it. Compost is made up of household scraps such as banana peels, coffee grinds, and even eggshells.

You can also add seashells to the soil in order to keep it from drying up. Soak banana peels in water and allow to sit for a day. Using the water from the banana peels is an age-old remedy for keeping soil moist.

You can also use the inside of the banana peel to clean up the leaves of a houseplant and make them glow.

A small piece of netting cut from an old pair of pantyhose is a wonderful strainer for the bottom of your plants. Healthy soil will stay in as excess water drains out.


Of course, it is important to water your plants regularly. However, over-watering them will cause them to rot at the root and the leaves to yellow.

Marbles, pebbles, decorative rocks, and seashells are all ways of elevating a plant from the saucer underneath it. By elevating the plant, you allow the excess water to drain rather than have the houseplant sit in the water.

If you have a rain barrel to catch water outside, rainwater is ideal to keep houseplants naturally hydrated.


Make certain that your houseplants get the appropriate amount of sunlight so that they grow and thrive. Alternate your houseplants so that they each get equal amounts of sunlight throughout the house.

Make certain if a plant is bending toward the sun that you rotate the plant so that it is getting the right amount of sunshine on all sides.

You can occasionally allow your plants to sit outside during the warmer times of day for natural sunlight and fresh air, but be sure to bring them in before it gets too cold.

Pesky Pests

Dishwashing soap mixed with water works well to keep little pesky bugs off the leaves of houseplants. Crushed garlic, hot peppers, and basil are all natural ways to keep bugs away from soil, as well.

These are just a few tips on keeping your houseplants healthy naturally.

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