Professional surfer Donavon Frankenreiter may have at one time considered himself a surfer who also plays music, but since the release of his fourth album “Glow,” the laid-back songster is recognizing music as a greater part of his creative identity.

“It has become a lot bigger than when I first started and it’s sometimes strange when I meet people that only know me for my music and not surfing, but it’s also a beautiful thing,” he stated. These two passions have given Frankenreiter opportunities to travel the globe and be enlivened in his element and motivated by his laid back philosophy.
Influenced by the rhythm and meditative state of being alone on a surfboard,  many of Frankenreiter’s tracks adopt bits and pieces of 60’s and 70’s groove. “I just love Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix… I think they are all brilliant songwriters.  Very inspirational!”  These guitar-gods are not the only thing that inspires the singer. 
Considering his close relationship with the ocean, Frankenreiter is involved with several organizations such as Surf Aid, Surfrider Foundation, and Heal the Bay that work against ocean pollution. “I will back anyone who is trying to save the oceans in one way or another.”  But it’s not just the ocean that keeps Frankenreiter interested in the future of our planet.  As a father of two, he wants his kids to learn respect for everyone and everything living.
While Frankenreiter tries to make a better life for the next generation via his surfer’s soundtrack and indie-environmentalism, it is obvious that his two passions go hand in hand. “Without my surfing, I would probably never have started playing music.  Surfing inspires almost everything I do.”  That inspiration has given us another uplifting album to enjoy.
“Glow” grounds the listener with more mellow acoustic vibes reminiscent of his fellow eco-friendly, beach-bum Jack Johnson.  Frankenreiter’s breathy optimism is refreshing and reassuring in any season.  “Hopefully it puts a smile on their face and they can escape through the music for just a moment from this crazy world.” 
Lucky for us, we have a new surge of hang-loose musicians who write beautiful music with the hope of a beautiful planet.  And this is just the perfect kind of easy-going incentive we need to make us dance like no one is ever watching.
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