Good news for Koreans studying, working or holidaying in Europe and on the east coast of the United States — layovers may soon become a thing of the past.

Korean Air was the first non-European carrier to purchase the A380 from Airbus, and celebrated the delivery of the first order at a ceremony in Toulouse, France yesterday . The airline has ordered 10 of the world’s most eco-efficient aircraft, which are known for their smooth rides, spacious layouts and the ability to fly 15,300 kilometers non-stop.

Although the A380 usually seats 525 passengers, KAL decided to go with only 407 seats to provide extra leg room, and will also be vamping up the aircraft with the world’s first duty free display area, as well as a bar and lounge.

Korean Air has already spoiled us with their hot flight attendants and tasty bibimbap lunches. What’s next KAL, an in-flight sauna?

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