By Allyson Koerner Kristen Bell, known for her roles on ‘Veronica Mars’ and as the voice of ‘Gossip Girl,’ is not only educating others on water conservation, but teaching herself! Recently, the 31-year-old actress visited South Africa and took her love of animals to a whole new level. She participated in a cage dive with great white sharks. Bell spoke with US Weekly and discussed her unique experience. “I wa

sn’t scared because the cage makes you feel invincible. I’ve never been attacked by a shark, so I have a hard time conceptualizing the fear of being attacked.” She also noted that “cage diving was really the most exceptional thing, because not a lot of people get to be six inches from a great white shark!” While in c, the actress also took time to learn about water conservation. “I was always very willing to accept clean water as being a global issue and something that Africa struggles with, but what I’ve learned through this partnership with Neutrogena Naturals — where I’m a brand ambassador — is how much of a domestic issue it is.” Like the saying goes, “seeing is believing,” and that’s what Bell discovered. “I got to visit the Colorado River earlier this year and what I’ve learned was profound,” she said. “You can actually see the line where the river started. It used to be this big gushing thing and now it’s been depleted.” “There are tiny choices that everyone can make that profoundly affect our collective water use,” she explained. “Like not having the tap on while brushing your teeth, not starting your shower ten minutes in advance, not doing laundry until you have a full load. In this particular issue, education really is power.” Article courtesy of

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