By TreeLiving Valentine’s Day is here, and though many have been preparing for weeks, I’m sure there are a few of you who have been too busy and are now panicking over what to do for V day. No worries…let’s just go straight to some green Valentine’s Day ideas that may save your day! Valentine’s E-Card: Instead of standing in front of the cards section of the store reading card after card looking for the perfect one, why not save gas, time, money and trees by sending an e-card? You can find beautiful ones online and make them perfect by using your own words to let that special someone know how much they mean to you! Flowers that Last: Instead of paying a fortune for a bouquet of flowers that will wilt and die after a few days, buy your sweetheart a beautiful plant that they can plant in their garden or in a container. Then you can enjoy seeing it grow and watch it flower year after year just like your love! Chocolate Love: Chocolates are a great way to keep your loved one happy whether it’s Valentine’s Day or laundry day. Just make sure to show your love for the planet too by purchasing fair trade chocolates. Dating a Vegan? No problem! Most Natural foods stores carry a Vegan option. Romantic Dinner…at home!: Instead of running around trying to find the perfect place that will also have space available, why not just prepare a romantic dinner at home? You won’t need to drive there and it will be much more cheaper and private than going out. VD Gifts: Celebrate your love by giving them a gift that will make a difference! How about planting a tree in their name, making a donation to their favorite charity or “adopting” an endangered animal like a dolphin or polar bear? It will show that you care and showing your softer side can only get you more points! Now that you are ready, go and spread the love!

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