For some individuals, going green is easy. However, for a larger family, it may be harder since there are more individuals to manage and more resources are consumed.

Creating a true green family in a larger household does have some challenges; however, it is a completely doable task. With a little work, some effort, and a little planning, becoming a true green family will become a breeze.

Creating a Truly Green Family

  1. As with any undertaking, it is important to gather your family around and make it clear to them that this is what you will be undertaking and that you expect them to climb aboard the green train. While you do not want to be demanding (as we all know any task that is demanded rather than requested is one that will be rejected), you do want everyone to know that you are willing to commit 100 percent and have the same expectations of them, as well.
  2. Once you have had your initial family meeting, divvy up the chores. Let each family member take responsibility for one particular chore. There is power in numbers. If you have a large family, use that to your advantage. Make it work for the benefit of you and your family and, most importantly, for the environment, as well. This will make the tasks at hand that much more of a breeze.
  3. Have a weekly meeting to follow up and see everyone’s progress. Do not be afraid to set up a reward system. Educate your family members, especially the younger ones on the benefits on the environment in which they live in. If they want their future children to see Mother Earth healthy and happy, then they have to pitch in and do their share.

Ways of Going Green in a Large Family

  1. When going to the supermarket, be conscious of the amount of packaging used in the foods you purchase. Another great way to reduce waste is to buy foods in bulk.
  2. Instead of buying garbage bags, reuse plastic bags from the stores. Some of the bags are heavy-duty plastic and are suitable for garbage holding duties.
  3. Instead of using paper towels, buy washcloths for the purpose of dusting. They can be washed and reused. This saves tons of trees and keeps landfills that much more clean.
  4. Instead of buying bottled water, get a water filter system whether it is an under the sink water filtration system or a simple pitcher, this saves the planet tons of plastic waste.
  5. When it’s time to do homework, gather the kids at the kitchen or dining room table so you won’t have the lights on in 2-3 different rooms. Plus, it will be easier for you to help them out as well as make sure they are not getting distracted.
  6. Make your own cleaning products with the kids. With basic, non-toxic ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and essential oils, you can make anything from laundry detergent and all-purpose sprays, to furniture polish and floor cleaners. They will have lots of fun mixing the ingredients, and who knows, maybe they’ll want to try what they made and happily help with some of the cleaning!

A family, big or small, is a blessing. With these tips, it will also be a blessing for the planet!

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