A local Philadelphia reporter was attacked on live television on Tuesday night by the son of a man being charged with animal cruelty.

Chris O’Connell, a reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia, was standing outside a house with his cameraman, reporting on the slightly surre al case of a man who had been found to be hoarding dogs, turtles, roosters, iguanas and even an alligator in his residence.

While O'Connell was setting up the story, a man could be heard saying, "that's my property," and the camera started jerking a little. O'Connell kept talking until the man lunged for him. The man was then restrained by burly officers from the SPCA, there to deal with the animals.

After the man was put in handcuffs, O'Connell gave viewers an update, saying that the man was the son of the person being charged with animal cruelty.

"Apparently he was upset because we were here," O'Connell said. 

Article courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

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