Perhaps we have all heard the expression that “haste makes waste.” In other words, you rush around trying to do too many things at the same time, and forget something important. Or maybe you rush into something so quickly without thinking, that you have wasted valuable time and energy.

On the subject of waste, however, another theory comes to mind. Is it possible to make money out waste instead of haste? Another old adage about one man’s treasure being another man’s garbage is certainly pertinent to today’s economy, as well as today’s environment.

While the average person is aware of the importance of recycle and reuse, the innovative business-minded individual is taking it several steps further. Business-minded individuals, organizations, and corporations are now seeing the importance of saving the environment; however, they also see the innovation of creating self-owned business opportunities out of that, as well.

There are many ways that business owners and individuals can create mountains out of molehills when it comes to scouring the mountains of garbage we produce on a global basis.

•    Turning garbage into fuel
•    Turning garbage into gas
•    Turning garbage into oil
•    Turning garbage into electricity

And these are just a few of the ideas innovative businesses, individuals, and corporations are coming up with to use garbage and turn it into fuel.

Garbage dumps already recognize the valuable use of garbage and turn it into energy by turning the methane gas it produces into a valuable resource for energy. Some cities sell the gas to energy companies while others use it to create programs to power buildings.

One individual woman found a creative way to recycle paper and send it to her homeland of China. Since China is low on resources when it comes to valuable paper products, this woman is one of the world’s top self-made billionaires – all from scouring garbage dumps and recycling paper.

Have you ever seen someone collecting bottles and cans for return at the supermarket for some extra cash? That is only a minuscule type of recycling to make money. Other individuals actually buy small pick up trucks and scour more affluent neighborhoods on trash day. These individuals gather paper, wood, rubber, anything that is useful for recycling. Other individuals actually have a specialty niche such as scrap metal and, of course, there are businesses everywhere that buy gold to have it melted down and resold.

As you can see, there are numerous ways in which recycling and reusing come into play and if you are even more creative, you could probably figure out how to tap into the garbage of the world and claim a little piece of the future for yourself, as well.

There are numerous ways to recycle and reuse, but perhaps we all need to look to our garbage fills to find our own treasure.

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