There is an old adage that a man’s home is his castle. That is not an anti-feminist comment; however, it is a comment about how your home is your oasis. Whether you are a male or female, a couple or a family, your home should be a reflection of who you are and a place to rest your weary head.

Having said that, you are also familiar with the adage of recycle and reuse by now. Just about everyone is familiar with recycling, saving money, and protecting the environment and the planet as a whole. If recycling and reusing is overwhelming for you or if the task seems to daunting, start small.

Starting off at home is the best place to start. Any recycle or reuse project should also incorporate safety. So, if you are planning a home project why not fuse safety with recycling. Changing your wallpaper is a great way to achieve both goals.

Older wallpaper has many chemicals behind it that were used to paste that paper onto your walls. First, investigate ways to remove that old wallpaper. An old remedy is to simply use vinegar and water mixed in equal parts and use a spray bottle.

Now, you may be interested in knowing that the old-fashioned wallpaper in your new home may have been put up with toxic chemicals. You certainly don’t want to replicate that. There are many options for wall coverings that are all natural, toxin and chemical free while being sustainable materials.

Next, investigate and explore ways to incorporate recycled materials and use them as wallpaper.

For example, consider utilizing all natural fabrics such as one hundred percent cotton recycled from old clothing. If you are creative enough, you may wish to consider utilizing materials you have around the home, seeking some do it yourself project advice from the many creative geniuses from around the internet and get busy. There are also homemade natural pastes you can make without toxins or chemicals.

Another wonderful idea is to use bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable materials as well as being sturdy. Bamboo is used for walls, flooring, and building of new homes. Additionally, bamboo regenerates quickly. Bamboo is replenished every few years as compared to wood. Many years ago, wood paneling was considered an option for wall coverings. Today, bamboo is widely accepted as a sustainable material.

Sand and glass are also found in recycled wallpaper as another option. Recycled glass when broken up to a minute dust adds sparkle and glamour to any wall paper choice. Sand also offers this option of adding sparkle and light

Cork is another fine choice for wall coverings. Not only is cork wonderful as a renewable source, it also offers sound barriers to protect against loud noise and loud music, as well. Cork wallpaper is excellent for keeping heat in, as well and, of course, is great for pinning things. An office or basement is an ideal place to use cork wallpaper.

So, as you can see, cork, bamboo, sand, glass, and cotton are all recyclable materials you can create amazing wallpaper with.

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