Depression is, sadly, a common problem for human beings. It can be brought on by a number of different factors that can affect our lives. At some point in life, a lot of people may feel that there is no reason to live.
In times like these, we can look to animals for the inspiration to keep on fighting. This is Anakin, a young cat missing its back legs but full of love and life!

Anakin was found in the street by his current owners. He was born without a pelvis or back legs, probably because his mother was either malnourished or because of inbreeding since he was a feral cat. He feels no pain, is healthy, and lives the life of a regular happy cat.

Using just his front legs, he can play, jump and climb to exercise his body as much as his fellow cats in the house.

People call him "the two legged miracle cat" and from the many videos on his YouTube channel, everyone can see he truly is.

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