Who drives electric vehicles? People in cities across the country are finding out this weekend. This Sunday, October 16, is the first annual National Plug In Day, a joint effort between Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association. In 21 U.S. cities, electric vehicle owners and interested citizens are participating in parades, “tailpipe-free” tailgate parties, lectures and other grassroots events, according to a press release. The main event will be an electric vehicle parade through Santa Monica, California, with several hundred electric cars expected. Paul Scott, co-founder of Plug In America, told the Los Angeles Times, "We wanted to get the word out to the American public that electric cars are here now and viable." Scott said in a press release, electric vehicles "are powered by domestic electricity, so every cent we spend to run them stays in America." Tesla recently debuted their Model S four-door coupe. Translogic''s Kyle Thibaut said, "we haven''t felt a ride this smooth since driving the Rolls Royce Ghost, a car that starts at nearly $250,000." Expanding electric vehicle charge infrastructure may also be an important step to increasing electric ownership in the U.S. Jonathan Read, the CEO of one of the country''s largest EV charger manufacturers recently told HuffPost that consumers will see "significant charge infrastructure by 2015 in most major markets." Some argue that battery technology, charge times and other factors could slow down electric vehicle growth. Click here to learn about some things to be aware of before purchasing an electric vehicle. For more information about National Plug In Day, visit the event''s website.   Article courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

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