Aside from cleaning our bodies, bathing has always been used as a remedy to soothe the soul as well as the body. There is something about soaking in a tub of hot water that is calming and relaxing. Add your favorite music, a candle or two and you can have an experience that rivals even the most expensive spa get-aways. Here are a few ideas for spicing up your in-home spa

Natural bath salts
Bath salts probably got their start from people bathing in natural mineral springs and noticing beneficial effects such as softer skin and relief from muscle pain. Although there are hot springs on every continent on the planet, you don’t need to visit them in order to enjoy your own soothing mineral bath. Simple Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) reduce swelling and help detoxify the skin. Naturals sea salts add trace minerals and help soften the skin. Many bath salts are available with essential oils that add aromatherapy to their benefits.

Natural bath bombs
Although commercial bath bombs (also known as bath fizzies) are mass produced by machine, natural bath bombs are usually hand made using specialty molds. They are made from a combination of essential oils for aroma, citric acid and baking soda, which creates the fizzing effect that they’re known for. Kids of all ages enjoy watching the bath bombs swirl around in the water.

Bath teas
For health giving effects of natural herbs, try buying or making some of your own bath teas. Just use a 6-inch square of cheese cloth or unbleached muslin, place a small handful of your favorite dried herbs along with a bit of Epsom salts in the middle, pull up the corners and tie it so that the herbs stay inside and drop the ‘bath tea bag’ into your hot bathwater. You can add your favorite essential oils for added fragrance. Try herbs like lavender or chamomile for an extra soothing effect.

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