By TreeLiving Organic and natural cosmetics are made from Earth pigments and natural minerals. These elements are ground to a fine powder and mixed to form foundation, blush, and powder that will give you a healthy-looking radiant glow. Mineral make-up is free from toxic chemicals, perfume, artificial dyes, preservatives, oils, wax, or talc. Instead, it contains pigments of natural plants, titanium and zinc o xide, which have natural sun filter properties. Unlike conventional make-up, mineral make-up won't clog your pores. Here are some other benefits: Natural look Mineral make-up feels lighter on the face than conventional make-up. They provide coverage without feel or look heavy in the face. For women who use make-up to cover fine lines or wrinkles, mineral make-up is ideal. Women that use mineral make-up claim it feels just as if you were not wearing make-up at all. Fewer germs Components of mineral make-up are pure. The minerals used are inorganic, which means they will not contain bacteria that organic materials would. This is especially healthier for women who suffer from acne or rosacea. Because of its inorganic nature, mineral make-up lasts longer. Enhanced complexion Mineral make-up is special for women with sensitive skin because the minerals used are anti-inflammatory. It is, in fact, the only make-up that can be used after undergoing a facial chemical peal because it does not contain oil or artificial components. Environmentally-friendly choice When you buy conventional make-up, you are supporting a company that pollutes the environment with chemicals used to manufacture the product. When you throw the residue remains you are putting those chemicals back into the environment. Organic make-up comes from the Earth to begin with, so throwing the residue remains should not cause problems to our planet. Besides, companies that manufacture mineral make-up tend to be eco-friendly and apply environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Mineral make-up is a perfect alternative to make skin appear younger and fresher while saving the environment. If you want to try it you can find it in health product stores. You won't regret it!

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