The summer is a time when you especially want to look and feel your best. The heat can make this a bit of a challenge. If using chemicals is the last thing you want to put on your hair and skin consider these fun and effective natural summer beauty tips.

#1 Drink Water: Sounds too simple, right? Well most people are dehydrated and the problem gets worse duri ng the summer months. Dehydrated skin is sallow, pale and prone to wrinkling, acne, and under eye bags and sags. It’s not good for your hair either. Now, drinking anything is better than drinking nothing. However, caffeine and sugar are not good for the skin. Create a habit of drinking a glass of water before each snack or meal. It’ll help you lose weight and help you sustain your natural beauty.

#2 Exfoliate: Use a natural sponge loofa to exfoliate your body on a daily basis. It’ll help keep your skin glowing and tight. For your face, exfoliate gently once a week with a natural apricot seed or almond scrub. You can also make a body scrub with salt or sugar. The course grains buff away dead skin cells. Salts also help purify your body by drawing out toxins. Bathe with Epsom salts and then use more salts to scrub your body. Rinse off after your bath.

#3 Skip Shampoo: Unless you have oily hair, skip shampooing. Most hair types can shampoo every other day. Course or curly hair can be shampooed only once a week. Skipping a shampoo will help your hair stay healthy. The summer sun can dry it out. Do use conditioner and consider rinsing your hair daily if you struggle with oiliness.

#4 Lighten Your Hair with Lemon: You can mix lemon juice and water in a spritz bottle. Spray your damp hair and then go out into the sun. The sun and the lemon juice will naturally lighten your hair. Make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

#5 Cool Off: Fill a clean spray bottle with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. For example, lavender or citrus are common favorites. Keep the bottle in the refrigerator. Use it during the day to keep yourself cool, refreshed and smelling great.

#6 Take Care of Your Feet: Use an Epsom salt soak to soak your feet. Then use a pumice stone to slough away the dry skin. Dry, moisturize and show off your feet in your favorite sandals or take a walk on the beach. The sand will also exfoliate the dry skin on your feet.

#7 Moisturize: Apply a natural moisturizer after you shower or bath. You can make your own moisturizer with almond oil. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils like lavender or rosemary and gently massage into the dry areas on your body.

During the summer the single most important thing you can do to naturally look your best is to take great care of yourself. Feed your body, hydrate and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

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