Nature provides some amazing decorating options. And if you’re environmentally conscious or simply inspired by the out of doors there’s nothing better than bringing a bit of it indoors.

Decorate with nature!


The simplest way to decorate with flowers is to cut them from your garden and brin g them indoors. You can get creative with the container or vase to add flair. For example, an old bucket packed with large blooms can be quite striking.

Dried flowers can be used to create interesting elements to your home. You can laminate them and create coasters, placemats and even wall art.

A single large bloom cut from its stem can be added to a decorative bowl filled with water. Add a few floating candles and you have a serene centerpiece.

Rocks, Shells, or Pine Cones

Fill a basket with large pine cones for a smile lodge feel. Add drama by painting the pine cones with glitter, silver or gold spray paint.

River rocks can fill a tall glass vase or be used to surround a candle in glass holder. Likewise small shells can be used to fill a vase or hold a candle. Larger rocks or shells can be used independently as a focal point. Large shells or rocks can be used as bookends as well.


Plants are of course an easy way to bring nature inside your home. However, rather than simply putting a plant in a decorative pot you can get creative. For example, you might craft a basket out of chicken wire. Using a plastic liner you could fill it with dirt, place several succulents or cacti in the dirt and then place decorative river stones or sand to conceal the dirt.

Sticks & Branches

Bamboo stalks leaning in a corner add a nice, simple touch. You might find a few larger branches and mount them on your wall. Or bundle sticks together to create a centerpiece or wall hanging. You might also weave small green sticks into a bowl or a basket to hold other natural items.

Of course you can also keep it simple and place a few ornate branches in a decorative vase. In the spring pussy willow branches add a nice touch. Their soft buds add an unusual texture and contrast to the rough branches.

When it comes to bringing nature indoors, you’re only limited by your imagination. Keep décor basics in mind. Scale, balance and theme all help to make sure your outdoor items look natural indoors too.

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