HSINCHU, Taiwan, Feb. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ — AU Optronics Corp. (“AUO” or the “Company”) (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced the launch of Green Ark Project. To promote green, energy saving, and zero electronic waste concepts. AUO's Green Ark Project includes the continuous practice of green innovation within AUO by targeting a 25% reduction of carbon emissions in all fabs by 2015. Me anwhile, AUO devotes itself to encouraging green thinking among students and sharing the world's leading green experiences with industry players. By working together with the industry and academia, AUO continuously makes efforts in environmental sustainability. AUO's Green Ark Project is a three-year project with involvement of government, industrial sectors, and academia. AUO wishes to call for the industry's and students' participation. “AUO has long been implementing AUO Green Solutions. As an industry leader, AUO continues to practice energy saving and lower carbon emissions,” said Paul Peng, President of AUO. “We hope to advocate AUO's green experiences and green thinking to the public. AUO encourages students and industry players to develop more green innovations and to build up the Ark of sustainable environment with AUO together.” Since the inception of “AUO Green Solutions” in 2008, AUO has been a dedicated green practitioner of sustainable operations. AUO has focused on the implementation of green fabrication in recent years. Not only AUO's first G8.5 fab in Taichung has obtained LEED(*1) Gold certification in 2009, but also its G8.5 fab located in Houli has been awarded LEED Platinum certification in 2011. AUO targets to obtain LEED Gold certifications and above for all the newly-built LCD fabs and build up energy and water-saving green plants. AUO has introduced energy management platform to its LCD fab since 2011, and is the first manufacturer in the world to have obtained the ISO 50001(*2) certification. AUO plans to adopt the ISO 50001 energy management system and AUO's unique energy management platform as well as energy-saving technology to all existing fabrications to further build up AUO's smart green fabs. AUO targets at reducing 25% carbon emissions in all its fabs worldwide from the levels of 2010 by the end of 2015. The goal will result in one million tons of carbon emissions reduced, equivalent to carbon emission of 370,000(*3) households per year. As to the promotion of green thinking, AUO plans to communicate green thinking and zero electronic waste concepts with students in campus. In the coming three years, AUO will organize green innovation campaign and symposiums regularly to encourage students with more green creativity. Meanwhile, AUO will initiate its LEED Gold certificated G8.5 fab in Taichung to be the first green educational facility in Taiwan, validated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Students will be able to gain more green knowledge through visiting, observing, and learning from the high-tech green plant. AUO will also invite industry representatives to share and exchange green experiences through the platform including government, industry and academia. At the meantime, AUO wishes to lead the industry and suppliers to advance the development of total green solutions and innovative green energy-saving technologies. AUO's Green Ark Project promotes green thinking and is committed to pursuing the goal of energy saving and zero electronic waste through its green innovation capability, execution, and successful green experience. By advancing green education, cooperating with the industry and academia, AUO will keep on working for the sustainability of the enterprise as well as the environment. Image courtesy of http://www.auo.com

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