By Ali Berman
About a year ago we reported on Ryan Reynold’s involvement in a new documentary in the works called ‘The Whale.’ The trailer and poster for the film have just been released.



Set near Reynold’s hometown off the western coast of Vancouver Island, &lsq

uo;The Whale’ follows the story of Luna, an orca who was separated from her family when she was young. She ended up in a narrow length of the sea called Nootka Sound. Being a social creature as orcas are, Luna still searched for companionship. She didn’t find it with her own species, so she became friends with the local human species.

The film explores the tension between those who know and love Luna as a friend and those who worry that this much interaction with humans and none with her own species will hurt the young whale.

The Cove’ director Ric O’Barry gives his thumbs up to the film, so you know it’s going to be good. In addition to narrating the film, Reynolds also served as executive producer alongside Scarlett Johansson.

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