The Nissan LEAF made history last year when it hit the market as one of the most affordable all-electric vehicles. Since then, Nissan has continued to make headlines by pledging to install free quick charging stations all over the world.

Now, the LEAF is jumping out ahead of the competition again by becoming the first electric car in the world to feature wireless charging technology.

Today at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan unveiled a flat floor unit that will enable LEAF owners to fully charge their battery without installing a charging system or searching for an extension cord. The pad could be placed in a garage or driveway, or in a parking lot. By simply parking over the charging pad, sensors on the bottom of the LEAF trigger an electromagnet that draws electricity from the car’s recharging coil.

Nissan says the wireless charging will not be effected by various weather conditions or weather changes. The charging time does not change either, which presently is eight hours.

The electromagnet induction process is the same as technology used in cordless phones and toothbrushes, and is considered safe as it transmits at a low three to six watts.

The company says it’s wireless charging technology will be available in Leafs starting 2013. Unfortunately, if you’ve already purchased a LEAF, you may still have to deal with cords and outlets, as the technology will not be available as a retrofit.

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