Japanese automaker Nissan is promoting its new electric car, the Nissan Leaf, with a multichannel marketing initiative that imagines a world run by gasoline-powered engines.

The creative is designed to show that cars don't necessarily need to run on traditional combustion engines by over exaggerating their use. For example, in the ad, a man heading to work starts his coffee maker by pulling a ripcord to start a lawnmower-like engine, while a jogging woman has smog spewing out of her MP3 player as she runs.

"This campaign was conceived to challenge the notion that cars can only run on gas. By using humor and asking the simple question, 'What if everything ran on gas?' we're able to rationally make the case that electric cars' time has arrived," Nissan's senior vice president of marketing Jon Brancheau explained to MediaPost.

The advertisements will be displayed on national television, Nissan's website and various online video platforms.

Humor is frequently used in car commercials, such as a recent campaign run by Subaru. The ads show a weather man who constantly gets the forecast wrong, but fortunately Subaru drivers are prepared for the worst situations because of the reliability of the car.

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