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NYC has always been a place for new trends to emerge and spread to a hodgepodge of people. For Vegans, this could mean the start of vegan bodegas all over the country, starting in NYC. It seems like a dream, but it could soon be a reality.


Eric Hopf and f amily have devised a plan of action to get the first vegan bodega up and running. First they will need $15k in start up funds, so they have started an Indiegogo Campaign to raise the money, promote awareness, and gain support.

The Hopf’s are an all-vegan family and they ask, “How is it that in the greatest city on earth, we still have to get our vegan specialty food via mail order?  How cool would it be to go to a store and get everything you need for a fancy vegan dinner party and junk food for the day after?”

NYC is teeming with vegan friendly restaurants and vegan food stuffs, but having them all in one place is something that is missing from the city. The Hopf’s appear to be on the right track to building a movement to change that.

Donations made to the vegan bodega project will go toward securing a space, food storage equipment, products, and even a deli “non-meat” slicer for the business. The Hopf’s want the bodega to be an all-encompassing convenience store.

Eric Hopf says on his campaign page, “Depending on the demand, we are looking at carrying beer and partnering with a Community Supported Agriculture farmer for fresh veggies and fruits.  However, we’re not just food.  We’ll stock vegan toiletries, household cleaners, *ahem* protection, etc.  Every vegan thing you wish you could get at your local bodega.”

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