Every president has a platform and a series of initiatives and causes they support. As President Obama moved into his second term he took on climate change. Believing that Congress wasn’t doing enough to make strong and positive change, he has taken it upon himself. Let’s take a look at some of the policies he’s put forth.

Power Plant Emissions

The centerpiece of Obama’s climate change plan is to impose limits on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. The plan is a big one that requires individual states to draft their own proposals. Policy makers in each state must decide how their states will be compliant.

Initial Reactions and First Steps

Almost immediately Ernest Moniz, the Energy Secretary, overhauled an $8 billion loan-guarantee program. The program is designed to invigorate eco-friendly and sustainable technologies. And Sally Jewell, the Secretary of the Interior, also approved a wind project in Arizona that will ideally power 175,000 homes.

The Impact of Global Warming and Climate Change

Obama didn’t make his decision or set policy without some hard facts behind him. And while the changes he has implemented won’t happen overnight, time is of the essence. Extreme weather caused by climate change cost the United States well over $100 billion in 2012 and 2013 is looking to be an even more costly year.

$30 billion of that was caused by drought and heat wave. $65 billion was the cost of Hurricane Sandy and the devastation she left in her path. Hurricane Isaac cost $2.3 billion and other storms across the country tallied more than $11 billion. And these figures don’t even include the high price of forest fires.

Carbon pollution is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gasses, which is why Obama has taken such a stance on power plant emissions. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, Obama has taken steps to motivate thought leaders and politicians to make change in their communities. Clean energy leadership is a pivotal aspect of his plan. Building a transportation center as well as inspiring and incentivizing citizens to make changes in their lifestyle and home are also key points.

The climate change policy and steps are possible but they need the support of citizens, communities, and politicians. The Environmental Protection Agency has been given a huge task and not everyone is on board. You can make a difference. In addition to making changes in how you consume resources, you can write your politicians and get involved. Your actions and opinions matter.

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