Still summer out there, the sun’s out and especially if you live in the northern hemisphere it’s a chance not to be missed. Kids can watch DVDs and play video games all winter. It’s a time for them to get outdoors and get actively involved in summer activities. Seize the day and your kids can get to breathe fresh air and soak up some sun to build up vital vitamin D reserves.

Almost everywhere there are all sorts of businesses that come to life in summer with activities outdoors that are geared to kids. Check out the sporting opportunities near you. There’ll be pricy options but many local authorities offer special summer programmes and options for the summer vacation that won’t drain the bank account. Check out what’s on at your local swimming pool, for example. Beyond the standard fare of just splashing about or doing lengths there may be chances to take classes: to learn how to dive, or play water polo, or take part in synchronised swimming.

If there’s a park near you then there’s a good chance that there’ll be summer activities for kids and families laid on. Even better, they’ll probably be free, or at least easily affordable for families with limits on how much they can dole out on vacation entertainment.  From concerts and summer fairs outdoors in city parklands to adventure activities in more rural parks, there’s a host of options for parents to engage green kids in.

Check out other public facilities to see what’s on offer. Check out your local library, the zoo, aquarium, the botanical gardens, and the astronomical observatory. Staff at museums and art galleries know also that summer is about being outside and organize happenings for the outdoors with that in mind.  You’ll be amazed at the thought that goes into providing affordable and unusual summer fun for kids.

If summer is all about sun, it’s also true you can have too much of a good thing and sometimes you might want summer activities that make a change from days in the sun. The key word is active. In the US free or cut rate opportunities to go bowling are widely available for kids in the summer. Or for a greener outdoor experience that doesn’t involve lashings of factor 50 sunscreen, think woodland walks in the dappled shade of our many state forests.

Especially for parents juggling work and kids’ holiday entertainment, there’s a need to seek out things to do that don’t involve commutes, but that can keep green kids busy and happy in the yard. When looking for activities for kids to do outside the home, think about some that they can replicate at home. For smaller kids, fabulously messy activities are also ideal to get them outdoors. Let them paint a wall or a tree house with water color paints, or mess about with a simple garden sprinkler. Ultimately, it’s about your imagination stimulating theirs.

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