In my initial piece about reasons to quit drinking soda, I mentioned the potential of a cancer causing ingredient found in the caramel color called 4-methylimidazole. If that did not persuade you to stop consuming soft drinks, then you soon won’t need to worry about that aspect. Pepsi and Coke will cease the use of the chemical because of California’s law that would require the soft drink companies to place a wa rning label on their packaging. Think of it along the lines of a warning on a pack of cigarettes. The two biggest soda companies in the U.S. say that it isn’t the possible cancer link in an additive that’s causing them modify their manufacturing process–it’s the cancer warning they’d have to put on their packaging that actually changed their minds. The bad publicity would undoubtedly create a backlash against the two companies. This maneuver takes a potentially dangerous chemical out of the favorite drink of millions of people. A step in the right direction. Don’t worry, Coke fans, they are not altering the secret formula. Regardless of this positive direction, the soft drink makers still have some significant side effects to overcome. I have been slowly winding down my consumption over the last few days. I could never quit cold turkey. How are you doing? From

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