By TreeLiving You find them packaged attractively on the shelves of a store and purchase them intuitively. But do you read the ingredients label and ever think about the harm that substances used in certain personal care products can cause for your health? As per studies and eco news published by non-governmental organizations, the average adult in the United States uses up to 9 personal care products per day and these have about 120 chemicals spread among them, many of which are not tested for toxicity. Most of these personal care products and cosmetics are also manufactured in ways that contribute to environmental pollution. If you really care about your health, avoid products that have harmful chemicals and choose natural or organic alternatives instead. By doing so, you can also help in saving the environment. Here are the things that you need to steer clear of: 1) Synthetic Fragrances: These typically contain phthalates, synthetic chemicals that stabilize fragrances and make plastic more pliable. These endocrine disrupters mimic hormones and can alter genital development. Keep away from products that list fragrance as an ingredient unless the label specifies that it is derived from essentials oils. 2) Parabans: These are commonly used in skincare products as they preserve other ingredients and extend the product’s shelf life. But this is not a green product and its antimicrobial chemicals have hormone-disrupting effects. 3) Mineral Oil: This is a derivative of petroleum and coats the skin like a plastic wrap! In other words it prevents your skin from being able to breathe and absorb moisture and also prevents it from releasing toxins. 4) DMDM Hydantoin: This preservative releases formaldehyde that is linked to asthma, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, headaches, dizziness and other respiratory problems. 5) Synthetic Polymers: Sodium polyacrylate and carborner are products derived from petroleum. These are used to give viscosity to skincare products but do not break down. Their production is not eco friendly and contributes to bacterial resistance. 6) Synthetic Colors: These are made from coal tar and contain heavy metal salts that can deposit toxins onto the skin, causing skin sensitivity and irritation. 7) Polyehylene Glycol (PEGs) – PEGs are used to help cleansers dissolve oil and grease and are also found in caustic oven cleaners! They strip away natural skin moisture and damage the immune system. 8) Ingredients with “Glycol” or “Methyl” – There are many chemicals in cosmetics that must be avoided, and many of the ingredients mentioned above have other names, so it is wise to avoid anything with these two things in the ingredients label. 9) Chelators – Disodium EDTA and Tetrasodium EDTA are used in personal care products to eliminate impurities from low-quality raw materials. But this is not green because these do not readily biodegrade in the environment. 10) Products Tested on Animals – A grim history of cruelty to animals lies behind many ingredients used in personal care products. If the label doesn’t say “Not Tested on Animals” the products or at least some of its ingredients have been tested on innocent creatures. You can preserve your own health and support the manufacturing of eco friendly products by being more conscientious while buying personal care products.

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