You’ve undoubtedly heard of “take your daughter to work day.” It’s a popular day when parents get to take their sons or daughters to work with them. However, have you heard of “Take your pet to work day?”

The Take Your Pet to Work Day has helped grow a phenomenon of pet friendly work places.

Many people have pets and consider them a part of the family. They don’t want to leave them at home during the day. They want to make sure their pets feel loved and appreciated and that they are safe. More and more workplaces are recognizing that trend. This is of course coupled with the fact that pet ownership, dogs in particular, is growing in popularity.

Benefits of Pet Friendly Work Places

For business owners there are many benefits to pet friendly work places. It creates a positive environment. Pets are calming influences and they’re just plain fun. When the environment is positive, studies have shown that people are more productive.

It can also help with turnover. Not all businesses allow people to take their pets to work. Those that do, have an edge. Their employees don’t want to leave and give up this perk.

Additionally, people tend to take less time off due to pet related injuries or illnesses. When their pets are with them they’re safe and secure.

The Rules and Tips to Live By

Many people imagine that a pet friendly work place sounds, and smells, a lot like a kennel. Dogs are running wildly and its total chaos. That’s not the case and there’s a good reason why – rules.
It’s important to have a few rules in place when allowing pets at the workplace.

Make sure owners know that pets are not allowed to roam freely. They must stay in the desk, office or cubicle area. Additionally, barking isn’t allowed. All pets must be fully vaccinated and well trained.

If you plan on offering a pet friendly work place consider the following:

• Pets need a place where they can be walked and can relieve themselves. Owners need to be responsible for picking up after them.
• Stock extra leashes just in case an owner forgets or one breaks. Also consider stocking a few extra food and water bowls and food just in case. Make owners responsible for replacing items.
• Create a system of warnings and consequences. Most owners realize right away whether a pet friendly workplace is right for them and their pet. They may decide, after one visit, that it won’t work. Others have well trained dogs and enjoy the presence of their pets during the work day. Make sure there is a warning system in place. For example, if you have a no barking rule and a dog barks the owner gets one warning. Three warnings and the dog cannot come back. Make sure all owners know the rules and follow them.

A pet friendly work place isn’t right for everyone but it can be a great way to improve the workplace environment and make employees feel appreciated. Consider starting with a few take your pet to work days if you’re on the fence. You may be surprised how easy it is to have animals in the office.

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