RecycOil LLC, a Colorado clean energy company, and the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA) teamed up to fuel country music superstar Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown as it made a stop at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

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"It is a terrific honor to fuel up Willie Nelson's tour as he is an artist that has fueled up country music fans across the USA," said Aaron W. Perry, CEO of recycOil. "His support of farmers and the biodiesel industry are testament to his commitment to rural communities and the production of sustainable, American-made biofuels."

RecycOil, which recycles waste cooking oil from more than 1,600 restaurants, businesses and sporting and cultural venues in Colorado and Southern Wyoming, also supplied biodiesel to New Belgium Brewery's Tour de Fat this week as it kicked off another summer of fun. The Tour de Fat caravan filled up at Gray Oil in Fort Lupton on the way to its first stop in Durham, North Carolina.

A long-standing commitment to biodiesel

Nelson continues to practice what he preaches about the clean, domestic, job creating advantages of biodiesel as he fuels his tour vehicles with the environmentally friendly fuel.

"One of our goals as an organization is to connect biodiesel users like Willie Nelson and the Throwdown tour with local biodiesel providers," said Tanner Watt, Associate Director of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance. "It's about educating consumers and giving them options, so they can make purchasing decisions that benefit their communities and the environment."

In 2010, the SBA introduced its Sustainability Report Card during national summer music tours. Over 90,000 gallons of fuel were tracked, evaluated and scored and over 600,000 concert goers had the chance to learn a little about locally produced, sustainable biodiesel.

The SBA will be taking its Sustainability Report Card on the road again with The Willie Nelson Country Throwdown Festival, as well as Sheryl Crow's 100 Miles From Memphis tour and the 2011 PHISH Summer tour experience. These artists will use SBA tools to help source and evaluate biodiesel and biodiesel blends on their national tours in order to purchase and use the most sustainably produced fuel available in every market they visit.

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