By TreeLiving Last week we talked about how to travel somewhere trying to make the lowest impact on the environment possible, for example, choosing a green hotel to stay. If somehow this is not possible or you choose to stay in a conventional hotel that offers services that fit your needs, you can still reduce your personal waste during your hotel stay in thousands of different ways. Here are some ideas: • Bring your own toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and inform room service that you won't need any more samples. Otherwise, the hotel staff will stock your room with wasteful samples of them daily. • Use a solar charger to charge your camera, phone, iPod and other gadgets. Solar charges save carbon dioxide emissions and energy. • Save energy and water by asking the cleaning service not to change your towels and sheets daily. • Instead of renting a car, use the public transport of the city you’re visiting. Trains are one of the most eco-friendly transportation alternatives. Some cities also offer the option of renting a bicycle. You will really enjoy the view. • Turn off the lights in day-light time and be sure all the appliances are turned off when you leave the room. • Take the time to separate organic from paper just as you do at home. If the hotel does not have recycling bins try to use those bins installed in the street. • Take short showers to save water and brush your teeth without letting the water run just as you do at home. You will discover how much fun you can have when you travel green!