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E-invites and E-cards are electronic cards which have been available in the internet for almost 10 years now. However, as more people get into the use of internet nowadays with Facebook and Twitter, their popularity has grown in the last few years. 
xt-align: justify;”> What are the benefits of choosing e-cards?
You save paper.  If we sent e-cards instead of paper ones we would save an estimated 200,000 trees each year! Trees produce oxygen so every tree that is cut down to make paper means less oxygen produced. By saving paper, we also reduce the tremendous amounts of energy and resources the production of paper uses.
You save money. You will not be spending money on paper, stamps or shipping. Think about it. Maybe you have to send 10 cards, which means you have to pay postage for each one of them. E-cards can be sent anywhere without having to pay for delivery. Convenient, isn’t it?
No ink.  Unless your paper cards are printed with non-toxic ink, it’s best to go with the electronic option.  In addition, you don’t have to personally sign each card, once again saving ink and money.
No shipping needed.  Whether you are sending a paper card or ordering one, it takes a delivery truck or airplane to get them to your home, to the store or to the recipient.  Electronic cards do not need any kind of transportation which means there will be no fuel use or gas emissions.  
But do keep in mind that even though most people use email daily, older people might not have or use their email every day. For important events like birthdays or weddings, you should send e-invites to those who are internet savvy and paper invitations to the rest.
Where can you find e-cards and e-invites?
E-cards and e-invites can all be found doing a quick search on the web.  The main options are:
Paid e-cards: Some sites you can register for free and offer basic e-cards designs you can send at no additional cost plus higher quality designs you can send for a small fee per card.  Other sites require an annual subscription but offer higher quality designs and customization options so you can create more personalized cards.
Free e-cards:  these are sites do not require registration or subscription fees.   However, they usually offer only default cards that can be customized minimally or not at all but are still good enough to send the occasional card
E-cards and e-invites are great not only because they are convenient but also because they’re sustainable and can save you lots of money.  With all of these benefits, it’s easy to go the electronic way.  

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