RTFORD, Conn., May 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Traditionally, identifying the highest quality Organic Supplements has been a subjective practice. Today, Best Organic Supplements (BOS) launches a new program which looks to bring science, testing and certification to the process of finding the best organic supplements.

To help consumers make sens e of all the confusing claims being made about organic ingredients and their health benefits, BOS created a series of tests to objectively measure the value of organic ingredients and supplements. Once a supplement has passed all the tests, it is then BOS Certified.

"Trying to sort through all the claims being made about organic ingredients and supplements can make your head spin. We decided to come up with a series of tests that can be fairly applied to any ingredient or supplement and determine if the ingredient is actually worth adding to your diet. Now if a consumer sees the BOS Certified Seal, they can feel certain they are getting a worthwhile organic vitamin or supplement," states Rob Michaels, Director of Communications at BOS.

BOS starts by asking a series of questions to determine if an organic ingredient has health benefits and is safe — this is called the Outstanding Organic Ingredient Test. If the ingredient passes the first set of tests, the next step is to find the best organic supplement that uses the ingredient. BOS has created a multi-point Be The Best Supplement Test to objectively find the best organic supplements for each ingredient.

The first two ingredients tested by BOS were organic Chlorella and organic Spirulina. In trying to find the best organic Spirulina, BOS had to examine the different ways that Spirulina is processed and grown. One of the key points that consumers who want to buy organic Spirulina need to know is that the way Spirulina is processed has a major impact on its nutritional content.

After researching numerous Spirulina and Chlorella supplements, the BOS Certified Seal was awarded to 100% Organic and Fair Trade Certified, Perfect Aquatic Greens. BOS hopes to find many additional organic supplements that it can certify in the upcoming months.

In addition to certifying supplements, BOS also aims to teach consumers about a wide range of organic ingredients. The site currently has complete research and lessons on Spirulina and Chlorella and is adding Acai Berry and Coconut Oil in the next few weeks.

Michaels concludes, "Our goal is to become an educational resource for people to learn more about organic ingredients, supplements and vitamins. As we discover new supplements that can pass all the BOS tests, we will be adding additional BOS Certified Supplements to the website. However, even if you have no interest in buying organic supplements, we hope BOS will help you learn the facts about organic ingredients."

Rob Michaels
Email: questions@best-organic-supplements.com

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