Just about everyone is aware of environmental issues such as the warming trend, shortage of water, and the need to recycle and reuse. However, being aware is only a part of the equation. Taking action is the other.

You all probably have that one friend also who is so environmentally conscious you would just love to call them a tree hugger. And then there are others who do the bare minimum. How can you as an individual create balance when it comes to encouraging environmental awareness among friends without seeming too pushy?

There are a couple of ways to achieve that goal.

Lead by Example

Even if you are in the desert looking for water, if someone tries to sell it to you, it is human nature to resist. Why is that? It is because no one likes to be sold anything. However, there is another way to get others to see the vital importance of conserving energy and adopting a greener lifestyle.

That way is leading by example. Let your friends see you recycling. Let them see you join a green day walk, clean up a local park, and sign a petition to lobby Congress.

The Art of Persuasion

Don’t try to sell your friends on becoming more environmentally aware by giving them a dictionary list of why it is good for the environment and good for them. Make them see and feel a future without electricity and warmth, a future with too little food crops and limited water reserves.

When you paint a picture, you get to put your friend in the story, as well. And, when someone can visualize themselves in a picture, it makes it more personal.

Invite Them Somewhere

If you really want to engage your friends in environmental awareness, invite them to fun activities revolving around the environment. Have them go along with you to a beach cleanup and enjoy some sunbathing afterward.

Have them volunteer with you or go along with you on a visit to an aquarium that hosts an insightful event on endangered species. Make a dinner date after and make it a whole day event. Invite them on a rare and unusual trip to volunteer somewhere to work with endangered marine species.

Drop Some Trivia

Rather than give long-winded speeches on the importance of conservation, offer some fun and helpful tidbits on environmental awareness. Show your friends some pictures, send emails, and use the internet and social media to support your cause. A link with some cute photos of sea lions or penguins is sure to get your friends’ attention while updating them on important reasons to be environmentally conscious.

So, as you can see, there is no reason to push environmental consciousness onto your friends. If you lead by example, make it fun and informative, and include them in your interesting trips and outings, encouraging environmental awareness should be a piece of cake.

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