By Rochelle La Mont & Kenric Nilsson
Looking to drive a car from the most sustainable company in the industry? Buy a BMW. The Dow Jones Sustainability index world listed BMW as ‘The most sustainable automotive company worldwide’, and has held this title for the past five years; actually, it is the only automaker to be listed on the inde x since it was created in 1999.  Motor Reports has noted, "Since 2000, BMW has listed sustainability among its core strategic principles, focusing on the development of fuel-saving and alternative vehicle concepts.” 

BMW is launching its new BMWi series in order further their focus on sustainability.  The BMWi series is their new line of battery powered cars that they intend to roll out in 2013 with two new automobiles, the i3 and the i8.  The sleek and compact i3 is a four door is an electric car that should be perfect for a small family.  For those who crave obscene amounts of acceleration without making Mother Nature shed a tear, the speedy i8 sports car should fit the bill.

Unlike its little brother the i8 is not completely battery powered, rather a blend of old school combustion with new school electricity together as a hybrid designed for speed as well as fuel efficiency.

The i8 is able to accomplish 0 to 60 in five seconds flat, the same acceleration that can be expected from a 2002 Porsche 911.  Unlike the 911, however, it delivers this sports car performance with subcompact car fuel efficiency.  The new BMWi series will be bristling with technology that not only enhances the performance and efficiency of the vehicle but also works to aid the most important part of any car, the driver.

Technology will be implemented that will help a driver be able to quickly located parking as well as a myriad of other time saving tricks.

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