By Sharon S. A starving dog left in an abandoned apartment for two months, jumped from a third-story window in a desperate attempt to find food. Amazingly the dog survived the fall and helped rescue a puppy still locked inside. The story of one-year-old Pit bull mix, Miracle and a four-month-old puppy named Gracie shows the remarkable spirit of animals. Abandoned by their owners in a New Bedford, MA apartment for nearly two months, emaciated Miracle made a courageous leap for help by diving out of a third story window on Friday. Incredibly at that exact moment, a police officer pulled to the curb outside the residence to stop a car. The officer looked up and saw the painfully thin dog jump. Miracle broke her hip and hind leg in the fall, but the officer was there to immediately help her. Miracle’s amazing leap led Animal Control officers inside the apartment where they found a small malnourished puppy hanging onto life. The puppy, now named Gracie, was too weak to stand. No food was found in the filthy apartment, but the dogs had managed to survive on a “water source” they found. Animal Control Officer Emanuel Maciel described the apartment. “It was flea infested – feces all over the floor. It was devastating to see the conditions these animals were living.” Both dogs are receiving treatment at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists. Surgeons successfully repaired Miracle’s broken hip and leg and she is on a special feeding program to help her gain weight. Gracie was in shock at the time of her rescue and is in intensive care. The staff said she is “active and alert.” The property manager said the tenant left the apartment nearly two months ago, but did not leave a forwarding address. Animal Control is asking for the public’s help to find the owner. Anyone with information is asked to contact New Bedford Animal Control. “This constitutes felony cruelty against an innocent animal,” said Lt. Alan Borgal, director of the Center for Animal Protection at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. “We are counting on the public to step forward with information to help bring the person or persons responsible to justice.” “We see this too often,” said Jennifer Wooliscroft from the Animal Rescue League. “These dogs are often so resilient and nice when they have no reason to be nice at all.” Hopefully both dogs will recover and be available for adoption in the future. Article courtesy of