Each year people buy loads of plastic green grass and plastic eggs to fill the Easter basket. Consequently, most of this material ends up in the garbage days later.

These are ten ideas you can follow to make this year’s celebration more “greener”. 1. Give your kids a decorative cloth bag with a set of child’s garden tools, seeds and other gardening supplies instead of an Easter basket. A “Nat

ure kit” bag or a bucket of sand box toys are good alternatives. 2. Choose eco-friendly materials for Easter baskets. You can purchase a hand-made certified basket made from natural materials that will be useful for other uses after Easter. 3. Make your own basket with materials around the house, such as hand-decorated bags, wastebaskets, laundry baskets, etc. 4. Fill your basket with biodegradable material such as natural straw, hay, moss, or even grass from your backyard. 5. Make your own treats for the basket: cookies, cupcakes and candies cooked at home taste better and are healthier than those you buy in the store. 6. Did you keep those plastic eggs you bought last year? Re-use them! 7. Decorate using scrap paper and junk mail: cut out bunny shapes and give them color with eco-friendly paints. 8. Serve eco-friendly meats in your feast. Organic ham and free-range turkey accompanied with vegetables from local farmers are a healthier way to celebrate Easter. 9. Dye eggs using natural dyes. Use free range eggs or obtain them from a local farmer or urban chicken-keeper. 10. After the holiday, recycle as much as you can! Store your packaging and wrapping for future reuse. Have a great, greener Easter!

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