A scientific panel from the United Nations has begun to discuss how global warming will cause hunger hotspots throughout the world. We all know the effects and impact that this serious condition is already causing and will continue to cause in the future.

Global warming continues at a rapid rate and we can the negative impact from everything to the weather to the food we eat. It stands to reason that if a crop yields less produce then food now becomes a valuable commodity where supply and demand both are affected. If there is less supply, the prices will invariably rise.

Food is not a luxury, however. It is a necessity. Having global warming continue will only exacerbate an already tenuous situation in the food supply and demand situation. There are already hundreds of thousands going hungry throughout the world. Global warming will only exacerbate this already daunting situation.

Recent studies and reports are now beginning to show that warming will decrease food growth. Moreover, in a comparison study, signs that food will decrease more in a warming environment as opposed to a non-warming environment are beginning to show.

Other reports are showing that food crops will continue to produce, but not as rapidly without the warming issue. There will be a slow, but steady decline in food production over the next several years.

When a country such as India relies on Mother Nature to water the crops rather than on irrigation systems, the warming issue could be more serious for countries such as this. Too much warming in any localized spot is not an atmosphere conducive to thriving food production. Food production is affected by many things such as climate and rainfall. If both of these things are being affected by global warming, it stands to reason that the crops all over the world will be affected, as well. Without enough water and too much heat, crop production will continue on a steady decline.

Moreover, this will only increase the price of food across the globe. Certain foods such as chocolate could become a luxury that only the wealthy can afford going forward into the future. Anywhere where the world’s cocoa is grown will be impacted by the warming trend.

The Arabica coffee bean is another example. Climate changes is drastically impacting the production of the much loved coffee bean. If you think coffee is expensive now, don’t be surprised if it becomes non-existent in the future.

Something as simple and everyday as pasta could also be dramatically impacted. Global warming could impact Italy’s ability to grow the durum wheat necessary for everyone’s favorite pasta.

Sugar maples need colder temperatures to produce maple syrup. You may have to find another alternative to put on your beloved pancakes if this warming trend continues.

While not many individuals are fans of bees, they are a necessary part of nature .Not only do they produce honey, of course, but are vital to pollinating food and plants. Without them, food production will suffer greatly. More wet weather means a lot less bees in our future.

So, as you can see, this warming trend is creating food hunger hotspots throughout the globe.

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