Many expectant moms are tickled pink about their new arrival, but are definitely feeling a little green, as well. Some of that green feeling may be due to morning sickness, while the rest is good old-fashioned concern for the environment. Thankfully, there are so many baby products, lines of clothing, and accessories now that are one hundred percent green.

If you are hosting the baby shower, perhaps you could incorporate a going green theme for the new mom to be. She will surely be delighted that you have thought of her new baby and his or her health from the onset.

If you have never thrown a green baby shower, or any kind of green event, do not worry, it is fairly simple and easy, as well.

There are many ideas for going green for a baby shower:

Start from the Beginning

If you are going green, it is important that you do it from the start – with the invitations. If you want to mail out traditional invitations, go for invites that were made out of recycled paper.

You can also purchase recycled paper products and make the invites yourself. Better yet, you can save that paper, recycled or not, and go electronic. Evites are all the rage these days.


You have come a long way, baby, when it comes to diapers. Many new moms-to-be are requesting the old-fashioned version cloth diapers for their new baby. However, there are a few cute alternatives.

Diaper covers with disposable liners are a great way to start off a new baby. You will save baby’s skin and a ton of landfill this way, too.

Clothing and Accessories

Do not forget about organic clothing lines as there are several out there that make some adorable and comfy clothes for baby. Also, try to remember that baby bottles are vital to baby’s well-being and BPA free is the way to go.

Organic baby bedding and earth-friendly laundry detergent are always welcome gifts for the new baby and the new mom will be thrilled, as well.

Another great idea is merchandise to help mom make her own baby food when the time comes. Food processors, books, recipes, and how to guides are all welcome and appreciated for the most important thing of all, what goes into baby’s tummy.

Adorable teddy bears made from organic materials, non-toxic crayons, and other creative toys are a great addition to a green baby shower, too.

Decorations, Table Settings, and Food

Decorations made with recycled materials, table settings with recycled paper, and food that is organically grown all tie into the green theme of any baby shower.

When it comes to going green, the possibilities for baby and mom-to-be are endless.

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