By Santiago Caino
Treeliving was in Los Angeles at the Staples Center yesterday, covering the protest organized by PETA against Ringling Bros. for the killing and abuse of many circus animals, mainly elephants. These animal performers are forced to learn tricks by force, being disciplined with metal bull hooks, and shocked at every available chance it seems. Not only a re they forced to live in confinement but also have to endure rough training, performing and being tortured. An absurd number of 26 elephants have died at the hand of Ringling Bros. since 1992.

PETA’s Manager (International Grassroots Campaigns) tells Treeliving what people can do to help the cause and save these beautiful animals from a horrible life and fate. For more information you can visit PETA at their site, and if you wish to see the undercover footage of the abuse at the hand of the trainers click here.

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