The third Friday in May is known as Endangered Species Day. This year the national holiday falls on May 17th. It’s a holiday that is sponsored by the Endangered Species Coalition. It is a holiday designed to bring awareness to endangered species

in our country and around the world.

National Conservation Efforts

Endangered Species Day is about bringing awareness not only to the plight of species around the globe that are in danger of becoming extinct, but also those that are being threatened. It focuses attention on protecting their habitats and about creating policy to protect our wildlife.

Celebration in Your Home

You can celebrate endangered species day in a number of fun and interesting ways. The first way is to learn more about endangered species in your community and their habitats. What actions are being taken by your local government to protect a particular species and its habitat? Also look at how you can get involved and make a difference.

Spread the Word

You can help spread awareness for endangered species day by sharing your actions on social media sites like Facebook. Like, follow, and share posts from the Endangered Species Coalition and National Wildlife Federation on Facebook and Twitter.

Attend an Event

By visiting the National Wildlife Federation or the Endangered Species Coalition websites, you can access a list of events in your area. Many zoos, beaches, botanic gardens, and public parks host events to celebrate the day. Find an event in your area and get involved while having fun.

The Endangered Species Coalition has a program that highlights an endangered species each day. You can access the species of the day by visiting It’s a fun way to learn more about a variety of different animals. You can also send a postcard of an endangered species to friends, family, and associates to help spread awareness about a particular animal’s plight.

Biodiversity is essential for a healthy planet. When species disappear, or their numbers are significantly reduced, it affects every other living species including humans. Saving animals from extinction is important work and building awareness about Endangered Species Day is one powerful way to educate others. It’s also a fun way to get children interested and involved in protecting the planet one animal, one habitat, at a time. Consider attending or hosting an event in your community to celebrate Endangered Species Day in 2013.

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