Technology can be a wonderful thing. It’s fun. It can make life easier. It can also save you money and help you reduce your carbon footprint. You can enjoy these benefits simply by embracing a few of the latest and greatest energy saving gadgets in your home and in your life.

#1 Efergy Shower Timer and Alarm – Wheth

er you or someone in your family loves a long hot shower, you know that it’s a huge waste of energy and water. The Efergy Shower Timer and Alarm monitors the amount of water you use as you shower.

You can set the timer to a specific target, say 5 gallons of water. An alarm sounds when you’ve reached your target. You can then turn off the shower and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’ve reduced your water consumption with these new energy saving gadgets.

#2 Lutron’s Maestro Occupancy Light Switches – Imagine a light switch that can tell if someone is in the room or not. These advanced energy saving gadgets help keep lights turned off when there’s no one in the room. And they are sensitive. You won’t find the lights turning off on you while you sit and quietly read.

However, the lights will get turned off if no one is in the room. If you walk in the room the lights will turn on but only if the ambient light requires it. Yep, you guess it, it also senses natural light and only turns on lights if necessary.

#3 USB Powered Rechargeable Batteries – Rechargeable batteries are great but only if they hold a charge and are easily recharged. The new batteries are recharged by simply plugging them into the USB port on your computer or wall charger. According to the manufacturer the USB Cell saves 7kg of carbon and 3kg of toxic waste after just 50 uses.

#4 Solar Charged Keyboards and More – Solar power is nothing new but these new gadgets are useful and functional. Logitech makes a solar powered wireless keyboard that can charge in any light, including your desk light. It’s wireless and runs on two AA batteries. It’s a fully functional 107 key keyboard.

And if you’re tired of changing the batteries in your television remote then consider a solar powered remote. Both Logitech and Powerplus Leopard manufacture solar powered universal remote controls. Simply place them in direct sunlight – on your windowsill, for example – and recharge when you’re not using your remote.

Every day new gadgets are being invented and released to the public. Some control your blinds or the temperature of your home. Others help you enjoy life a little more. Embracing a few energy saving gadgets can both make your life easier and help improve the environment. It’s a win win.

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