With so much buzz and research about the benefits of eating organic and avoiding harmful pesticides, the cost in buying organic and pesticide-free produce and foods can take a toll on your budget. While there are some foods that you can buy without worrying about a certified organic label, below are 10 foods to always buy organic to make sure you don’t ingest harmful chemicals and to keep everyone in your family healthy.

Apples: The skin of apples packs lots of vitamins, so you don’t want to peel it off. But even if you do, because apples are a big pest target, they’re heavily sprayed and often washing and peeling doesn’t get off all of the chemicals.


Bell Peppers: Their soft skin and lack of a protective layer lands bell peppers on the must-buy organic list.

Blueberries: This anti-oxidant powerhouse berries are among the ‘dirtiest’ of fruits. They’re sprayed with dozens of pesticides so make sure you buy fresh, organic blueberries.


Celery: Celery is sprayed with organophosphates, which have been linked to ADHD. Plus, because they haven’t any protective skin, they absorb the harmful chemicals rapidly and don’t wash off.


Grapes: It’s important to buy organic grapes but also if you’re a wine-drinker, look for organic wines. Grapes have thin skin and are sprayed various times during the growing process.

Meat: Beef, pork and chicken store harmful chemicals and hormones in their fatty parts, so try to buy organic meat. If it’s too cost-prohibitive, stay away from the fatty cuts and don’t buy chicken thighs.

Peaches and Nectarines: Peaches and nectarines are another big pest target, so peach crops are heavily sprayed and their delicate skin absorbs the chemicals easily.

Potatoes: Spuds are also among the most contaminated veggies. If you can’t find organic, opt for Sweet Potatoes instead.


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