If you are a homeowner, whether you have a newer home or an older home, you can be certain for sure of a few things. One of those things is that any home whether new or old comes with maintenance for every season, every year. Another of those things is that you need to have some tools around even if you are not good with your hands.

There will be times, unfortunately, when an emergency will arise and you will need to utilize one of the basic tools for home. Let’s face it, every home has water running in it and you never know if you will need a tool to shut off that main water valve. Of course, it is wise to know which valve is the main shut off valve and where it is, as well.

So here is a list of tools for home that every homeowner should have:

A Hammer

Obviously a hammer is for hammering in nails as well as removing them. The old-fashioned types of hammers are the ones that are typically made of wood and heavier but the newer versions, thankfully, have rubber grips and are lighter weight.

A Screwdriver

There are a couple of different types and versions of screwdrivers. There is the flat head version and there is also the Phillips screwdriver. One is for screws that have a basic straight line notch on its head while the other is for screws that a notch in the shape of a cross on its head. There are also screwdriver, by the way that have been around for years, that have different tips that fit neatly inside a top compartment of the screwdriver and stay in place when used by a magnet. A good screwdriver is important as you want to remove an older screw without stripping it in order to get your project done efficiently.

Utility Knife

A utility knife has many purposes. You can use it for cutting vinyl or rugs, cutting drywall, opening plastic casing and boxes, and for trimming just about anything around the home.

Tape Measure

A handy dandy tape measure is always useful around the house from measuring floors, ceiling, and rugs to measuring rooms for furniture.

A Good Pair of Pliers

Pliers can hold something in place or pull something out of a piece of material. A good pair of pliers is essential for any project from woodworking to plumbing.

One Good Wrench

While there are many styles and types of wrenches, the best kind to have is one good solid standard wrench. Thereafter, if you wish to up your expertise in tools and advance to the next level, you can explore the more complicated models.

Power Drill

No home should be without a power drill. A good power drill is worth its weight in gold. You will save tons of time drilling rather than trying to hammer and nail your way to a new project.

A Level

A level helps you truly see if the project you are working on is level set or if it is off kilter.

A Sturdy Ladder

Although a ladder is not necessarily considered a tool, it is essential to have a safe and sturdy ladder. No matter how expensive or high quality your tools are, if you don’t have a strong and safe ladder, you have nothing.

A Good Flashlight

There will be times when you have to crawl into some very dark, very tiny spaces and a good flashlight is your best tool in that moment.

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