Electronic devices are tricky to recycle (although there are programs), and they are not cheap. So extending their life makes sense from a waste standpoint as well as an economic one. Here are some tips and ideas on how you can get the most out of your electronic products.

1. Keep Them Clean

The manual says to do th
is, but how many of us ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations in this regard? Normally, cleaning electronics is simple as long as it is done regularly. Dust remover, or canned air, can be a big help in keeping dirt out of the computer keyboards and the keypads of cell phones, calculators, remote controls, and so forth. Use a soft, damp cloth on the surface of electronics.

Dust off the back of your computer tower periodically. Its fan draws dust, which then sticks to the back of the tower and accumulates, affecting the performance and life of your machine. Don’t use a vacuum – that can create static electricity. Wipe off your computer screen and monitor periodically, too.

2. Keep Them Cool

Electronics do not like temperature extremes. Keep them out of direct sunlight and excessive heat and cold. Make sure the device has a lot of space around it for air circulation – don’t keep electronics in close boxes or on shelves with no space around them. After using your electronic item, don’t put it in a drawer, purse, or other close space until it has cooled down.

3. Keep Them Dry

Dampness is the enemy of electrical devices. Don’t keep any electronics in a damp room or near sinks and showers. If any electronic item gets wet, open it up immediately and put fans in front of the disassembled item.

4. Read the Manual

Really, do you do this? Many of us don’t. We just power it up and figure it out. But reading the manual is essential to decreasing the chance for damage. It will tell you how to clean your device, how to store it, and so forth.

5. Get the Most Out of Batteries

Be sure to turn your cell phone off whenever it is not in use or when there is not a good signal. Keep your laptop’s screen as dim as possible, and do not run unnecessary background applications.

If your cordless telephone is not working, consider replacing its batteries rather than buying a new one. Your telephone will last you many more years if you keep its batteries fresh.
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