Who says it’s a dog’s life? Although a dog may not be able to take care of itself, a dog can do many other things. A dog has an ability to show love and affection and to demonstrate high intelligence on many occasions.

Have you ever seen a video of a dog who knows how to recycle and throw out the garbage? Or turn off a light and close the door on the dishwasher? The wonderful thing about dogs is that we, as humans, can certainly learn from these multi-talented animals.

There is so much we can learn from a dog.



A dog teaches us the true meaning of unconditional love. Even if they are told right from wrong, they will always return to you with a toy or a ball to play. They will give you love no matter what kind of mood you are in or how tired you are. A dog knows no limits or reasons not to share its love with you at all times; most especially when you need it.

Have you ever noticed your dog coming to you when you are just about to cry? You walk over to your couch and sit down and get ready to let it all out, but seconds before you can do that, your dog comes and puts his head on your lap. He knows that you are ready to break down and is trying to tell you that he is there for you. Go ahead and let it all out!


A dog will always be loyal to his master. This is part of his innate personality. When a master gets sick or passes, a dog intrinsically feels it and you can tell when a dog is mourning, sad, or just feels your pain.


Whoever coined the term about a dog being man’s best friend was not kidding. Your dog will always be right by your side, whether you are down and out, upset and angry, or in the mood for some play time. Your dog is ready and waiting to serve you, master.


A dog knows and appreciates the value of a family. No matter who shows up at the door, if it’s family, you will be greeted warmly and abundantly. Imagine if we humans reacted as dogs when we saw our loved ones enter our home. This is truly something to think about, right?


A dog will never betray you. That is one thing for sure. Your dog will be faithful and obey your commands to fetch, sit, lie down, or stop barking. That is, if he is trained from the beginning. He will continue to be faithful to you in order to show you love.


If you train your dog, it can also do little odd jobs like mentioned above; shutting a door, or throwing something in the recycle pail. An environmentally conscious dog, now that’s a treat!

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