Do you ever wonder exactly why your energy bills are so high? What if your business could reduce its carbon footprint and save money at the same time? If energy efficiency is a concern, using an energy meter could be the answer for your household or business to improve the environment and save money. Here are some reasons you might want to consider using an energy meter for your home or business.

Energy meters can help anyone – whether it’s a business or a household – learn exactly where their energy is being used, how it’s being used and when it’s being used the most. Energy meters measure exactly how much energy is used, where it’s used, and how to budget the use of energy so that it’s more cost-effective and so that it reduces a company’s carbon footprint. So if there’s a way to meter those emissions and prevent them not only is a business helping to improve the environment, it’s also saving a significant amount of wasted energy, which translates to saving money.

Researchers have discovered that early half of the carbon dioxide emissions come from buildings and 20% of that comes from commercial buildings. Based on that finding, some businesses are electing to use energy meters and, as a result, they’re making great progress in energy efficiency. Experts say that about 20% of all energy and water a company pays for was wasted. They find that when they use an energy meter, they can determine exactly where and why that money was wasted. For example, if the heating bill is high on weekends when the building is not in use, they can make adjustments. Many businesses have learned that in an effort to make their building comfortable when workers arrive, they are heating an unused building for up to three hours before anyone is using it. Sometimes they’ll learn that a pool is heated at a time it’s unlikely to be used, or that the heat in a building is coming on at night instead of during the day when its occupants are working. Cutting back on the hours that the heat is on can save lots of money and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

One option for energy metering is a gas metering and management company. The company uses an automated meter report to determine how much gas a company is using and when and where they are using it. Using this information, a company can budget for upcoming winter heating bills or summer air conditioning use. The company can then regulate their use of energy so that they are most efficient and also save money.

Energy meters aren’t just for businesses. Consumers can purchase home-use electricity meters to use in their homes, or they can work with a consulting company. Either way, the goal is to determine how much energy they use, where they might be able to reduce energy use and how they might be able to save money. They can also hire a private company to monitor their usage, although that is more costly.

Overall, people are finding that just like analyzing monthly bank statements and tracking spending, analyzing the use of energy has considerable benefits. It not only allows people and businesses to see over-use, it also allows consumers to budget for months of high usage, cut back at times the energy isn’t needed. This results in not only improved energy efficiency, but also a healthier environment and savings that contribute to the bottom-line.

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