Year by year, the number of people aware of the importance of sustainable development increases significantly. It is an ever-increasing number because people start to understand the importance of the benefits of a green living. It also applies to flooring. There exist many flooring products in the eco design market that offer environmental advantages, health and even financial ben efits.

The term sustainable flooring refers to the manufacturing specialized in sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring. For example, you can choose a Strandwoven Bamboo or a Strandwoven Timber. The first one is a shredded and compressed bamboo made to be twice as hard as the traditional one and even more stable. The second one is a by-product wood veneer scraps which are reclaimed and compressed into a wood composite. It is 100% of recycled material and process; it is also very hard and stable. There are many kinds of sustainable flooring: Natural and Recycled Carpet, Rubber Flooring, Cork Flooring, Bamboo, Coconut Timber and Linoleum. Each of the named above are completely natural materials for home design which come from renewable sources and are biodegradable.

The regular flooring industry has damaged the Environment because the industry itself uses toxic chemicals in manufacturing processes. The impact of the petroleum is getting more and more negative and dangerous. The industry uses this fuel to make up synthetic materials. The VOC’s and the hazardous chemicals used in the treatments are used to give the product properties like stain and fire resistance. So, if we start using and buying sustainable flooring, we will be helping the world and collaborating with the care of the environment. 

The manufacture process of this ecological flooring does not produce the industrial wastes or the pollution the traditional flooring industry makes.  Sustainable flooring bears in mind the environment and the living of the world.  All the materials are recycled (such as recycled metal, glass or leather), reclaimed wood and plant-based (no-toxic) adhesives and chemicals.

Choosing sustainable flooring helps to reduce the indoor pollution and helps to mitigate any health problems. It is a wise investment. And also, they have stylish designs and an excellent quality.  The benefits of sustainable flooring are many; you can start making a difference at home and contribute with the place where we live.

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