Statistics show that 30 kg of clothes per person are dumped every year. Plastic fabrics and non-organic ones are a waste trouble for the environment. Never is too late to start living green. You can choose clothes that cause less damage to the world where we live. It is important to select those fabrics that are grown organically and use less pesticide. Also, those clothes that ca n be recycled use less energy to be produced.

It is possible and easy to buy organic and recycled clothes. This fall is the opportunity to start the contribution to the world. Eco-sweaters, coats and jackets can be bought online or at many specialized shops. Buying vintage clothing is a great choice because classic fashion can be found easily on the Internet, fairs, charity shops or car boot sales. You can also repair, re-style or re-design the clothes from the past fall. This way, you will be making a positive impact on the near future. Cotton clothes require lots of water and energy and polyester is not biodegradable. You should go for fabrics that are produced from crops that do not require toxic chemicals to be grown, use less water and create less waste. They are also called sustainable fabrics. 

The eco-friendly trends have been on rise the last few years. That is why this fall you will be able to find gloves and scarves that are trendy, cool and friendly to the environment. When the colds come, many people start wearing products made of leather or animal tissue products: shoes, bags, fur coats, etc. An alternative to this is the vegetal leather which uses a different rubber instead of animal skins.

Fashion should respect people and environment. Here comes the so-called ethical fashion. The products under this label should have a certification for Organic and Fair Trade. This fall you can go for green clothes. You can find everything from berets, wetsuits, lingerie, jeans, jumpers, kerchiefs, blazers, pullovers, shirts, singlet, and overcoats to blouses, slacks, waistcoats, skirts, purses, dresses, hosiery, breeches, shawls, outerwear, and hoodies, among others.

Now you know that it is possible to wear eco-friendly snug clothing for this fall. Remember to look for organic cotton, hemp, bamboo or soy, fibers that offer beauty and respect for your skin and the environment.

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