(Newsdesk) Paul Hameister & Dean Staples summited Everest 8.45 am this morning along with Lhakpa, Tendi & Gelu.

9:15 am Eco Everest Expedition Climbing Leader Apa Sherpa summited with Chris Shumate, Bruno Gremior, Ang Dawa Sherpa, Phurba Sherpa, and Arita Sherpa (check separate story posted today).

Dean reported few people on the route and a beautiful evening at South Col.

Other teams

Adventure Consultants have a dual summit bid underway. A second summit bid is planned for Friday.

Peak Freaks official summit push starts tomorrow, topping out on the morning of the 12th if all goes well.

IMG are ready for summit push as well, scattered up to C4. Seth Wolpin hopes to be heading for the summit from Camp IV at the South Col all day long on Thursday: "PST or EST – doesn't matter, I should be moving. Hope to summit around 8pm Thursday the 12th PST. 9am the 13th in Nepal."

Alan Arnette (IMG) latest called in from C2.

Peak Promotion hoped to reach C3 May 11, C4 the next day and summit in the morning of May 13.

Alpine Ascents are close behind: Rob Hart and Michael Horst hope to summit on May 14th.

David Tait (Himex) planned to leave BC this morning for his first oxygen-less Everest summit attempt, with finale 4-5 days from now.

Sumit and his team are enroute as well.

SummitClimb's dispatch of May 9 put Beow Lim, Dan Mazur and Nawang Nuri Sherpa in C1. Up in camp 2 they had Squash Falconer (aims to become the first woman in the world to solo pilot a paraglider from the top of Everest), Stewart Edge, Alex Holt, Gavin Vickers, Jangu Sherpa, Sange Sherpa, Pasang Sherpa, Dorje Sherpa also Mitch Lewis, Paula Leonard, Thile Nuru Sherpa, and Lakpa Nuru Sherpa. The group in camp 2 planned to go up to camp 3 May 10.

Altitude Junkies were also at camp two in position to launch a summit bid in the next few days.


Young gun Arjun Vajpai and two Sherpa left Everest BC May 9 for Lhotse summit push, hoping to top out Lhotse early morning May 13.

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