Outdoor pleasures are not just for spring and summer. Winter offers some beautiful and fun outdoor activity. While most of us associate winter with being cooped up indoors, there are all sorts of fun ways to enjoy the crisp outdoors. Here are some suggestions for the whole family.
Family Walks
The woods can be so lovely in the winter. And local parks can also be very nice places to walk. Bundle up and enjoy the beauty of the winter landscape. Head to your local park, or even walk in your own neighborhood. It's fun to see how things look different in the winter.
When you take your family for a walk or hike, make it fun with some wintry activities and pleasures along the way. Bring along some hot cocoa in thermoses, or stop and buy some at a nearby store. Have some landmarks to check for, and note how they have changed since summer. A neighbor's garden, a stream bed, a hiking trail, or holiday decorations at the park are all transformed in winter.
If your winter walk is near the holidays, going out for a viewing of lights and decorations can be great fun. You can walk through your neighborhood, or drive around and get out and walk in various places. Some lights can be funny, some artistic, and still others simple and festive. 
Snow Fun
If there's snow on the ground, take advantage! Adults tend to view snow as a problem. But if you can get over that feeling and just enjoy it, you can have a blast with the whole family. Build forts and have snowball fights. Build a snowman or make snow angels. And of course, sledding and sliding down hills is a time-honored and exciting tradition. 
If you want to make your winter wonderland enjoyment into a whole day's outing or even spend a weekend or week in the winter outdoors, consider taking the family skiing. Resorts generally have snowboarding, tubing, and other activities besides skiing. There is something for everyone to do at a ski resort, and it's all outdoors.
Gathering firewood as a family gets everyone outside and into the beautiful woods while accomplishing a practical purpose. Kindling is especially important if you want to build good fires. So grab a bucket for each family member to hold kindling and drag a sled along to hold firewood. You will not only enjoy the scenery; you will also get in touch with your ancestors.

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