Did you ever have a treehouse when you were a child? Treehouses have come a long way since then! Now entire families can live in a tree house that is remarkably modern and comfortable. Here are some examples of treehouses, and why it is a viable choice for some.

The Philosophy

A love of nature is what often inspires builders, manufacturers, and owner s of treehouses. After all, living in a tree is living close to nature – surrounded by it, in fact. And tree houses use the natural structure of the tree to support the home's structure. They like the "living" nature of the treehouse that moves and creaks in the wind.

Active people enjoy the treehouse lifestyle, too. You have to hike through the woods even to get to some treehouses, and then there's the ascent up into it.

However, there are luxury treehouses, too. Those who have the money may commission amazingly modern, luxurious treehouses that are only called "treehouses" because they are in a tree! They are not simple, primitive structures. Many of them have pools, media centers, ornate bathrooms, and other amenities.

When you were a child, "escape" was what the treehouse was all about. It still is for some. Many people like living "above it all" where they feel fewer distractions.

The Houses

There are so many different designs of treehouse available today. Thanks to advances in technology, building techniques, and design, the types of treehouse available are limited only by the imagination it seems. Some examples include:

* Bed & Breakfasts – For those who just want to live in a treehouse temporarily, there are bed & breakfasts that are built in trees. Usually, the B&B specifies what kind of physical shape you must be in to comfortably stay there. Some of them require people to be in good physical condition to get there. Hiking and rafting are often required to reach the B&B itself.

* Studios – Some artists and others enjoy a studio in the trees. There, they enjoy a sense of escapism and privacy. Treehouse studios usually have large windows and a lot of natural light.

* Family homes – Some treehouses are simply family homes. They are not necessarily unusual designs; many look just like a regular house sitting in the trees.

People build treehouses for all kinds of reasons. One thing is noticeable, though, and that is the recent resurgence in this nostalgic, yet modern, form of house.

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