TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – May 10, 2011) – Arch Biopartners Inc ("Arch" or the "Company") (CNSX:ACH)(OTC:FOIFF) and its subsidiary Arch Biophysics Ltd today announced that Arch scientists have reported details of their new technology development at the University of Alberta in the field of biophysics. Arch scientists Randall Irvin, Dong Yang Li and Elisabeth Davis have successfully created a new material, which they have termed 'bioorganic stainless steel'.

Bioorganic stainless steel has a significantly increased electron work function that displays altered properties relative to the initial starting material. The bioorganic steel generated from this process yields a product that is ~ 40% harder and has a ~ 50% lower corrosion rate compared with regular stainless steel.

This new material was generated via a previously unreported type of chemical interaction between novel synthetic peptides and stainless steel.

Increasing corrosion resistance and hardness of surfaces has potential applications in numerous industries where stainless steel and other metals are used, including industrial, life sciences and medical device sectors. Arch's technology development in these areas is ongoing.

Details of these findings are reported in the journal Biomaterials. The publication, titled "A Peptide–Stainless Steel Reaction That Yields a New Bioorganic–Metal State of Matter" by Davis, Li and Irvin can be found under "Articles in Press" at until it is assigned to a specific issue of the journal.

About Arch Biophysics

Arch Biophysics Ltd is an Alberta corporation wholly owned by Arch Biopartners. Arch Biophysics' technology development program at the University of Alberta has created novel synthetic biological molecules that bind to solid surfaces such as steel, titanium and glass. The resulting surfaces have enhanced biological and physical characteristics.

About Arch Biopartners

Arch Biopartners is a portfolio based biotechnology company established to develop new products and technology for sale to pharmaceutical and industrial companies.

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